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Very great scary game almost made me a heart attack

i was shaking and i almost died at the end

i want to hear about the lore and more levels with different characters and different stories about the killer

Yeah very great game i love it 

ill post my video soon if i edited it

heres my fan art :) ill make it as thumbnail in next funny video

This game was so good. Frustrating but good haha. Thank you for the awesome game. Took me a few goes to finish :) 

Nice :)


the first time he take down a door i poop myself, i tried to lock the killer on the first room we wake up, but in the end i escape


Nice, we're so happy you have a great time playing it :)



Congratz! Thanks for playing!

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I love the game!

Edit: Finished the game and i wish it was more satisfying but still a great game

Thanks for playing! The game was made for a game jam so it was a little short. But maybe on the future we`ll revisit it!


great concept. love it

Thanks for playing!


Great game! Love the art style!


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the art!


Amazing game!!! One funny thing though, if you stand directly in front of the guy, he cant attck, im iMuNE


Wow, this is bad lol

I fixed it!

Cool :D !


I like how I just said nope-


fffffffffffff, so intense. very VERY nice experience lol

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This is a great game, the AI super cool. I didn't realize he could teleport so I thought I had trapped him, long story short that's the first why I died.


Ha! We did love the teleportation mechanic, specially because of those random cases where you just locked him down, feels safer, opens a door and… there he is again!

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the bug where he just appears for no reason is destroying my immersion

Please fix, he destroyed a door infront of me then teleported to another locked door i was going to


Awesome game, really got me scared at moments. Love the ideas of locking doors around in a mansion with a killer around. the sound effects are incredible! Well done Red Rat Team.

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SO COOL ...vibe jason :D