The wasps are zombifying the bugs to dominate the world! Try to destroy all monsters with our cute hero MATT (Multi-utility Arachnoid Turret Transport).

For better performance and enjoyment, we highly recommend you download the build for your system instead of playing the web version.


This game was made in 30 days for Game Off 2021





Movement WASD Right Thumbstick Right Thumbstick
Aim Mouse Left Thumbstick Left Thumbstick
Shoot Left Click R2 RT
Dash Space L2 LT
Interact E O B
Zoom Mouse Wheel DPad DPad
Locked Righ Click L1 LB
* When using pad and the game asks you to press [E] use O/B of your controller 


Check out the game development progression:

Original models made by Luiz Strobelt :

Source code: 



This game was made infinitely better by the help of the following people


Download 60 MB
Download 76 MB
Download 69 MB
Arachinator.apk 59 MB

Install instructions


Linux users may need to give execution permission to run the game:

chmod +x Arachinator-linux-x86_64/Arachinator.x86_64

Also available on


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Hey this is a really fun game! 
Are you still working on it?


we aren’t, It was just a game jam project


wow great game and super polished, love the game play and impressed that the web version plays so well.


The web version runs well because is a Spider game! Ha!

Ok, sorry for the bad joke, thanks a lot for your feedback and for playing our game :D


Great game, so fun and challenging to try and finish it with no deaths. My no-death time:


Woah! Nice score dude! Thank a lot for feedback and playing it.


My no-death time


The spider's animations are so nice. Good job!

Thanks for your feedback! Hope you had fun playing :)


My current no-death record



Some places is even faster to just die than walking back

I'll try to lower that time


Alright, this one is my best score

This is really amazing, I don’t know how you did it! lol


Awesome game, so fun to play!  Got my no death run and now will go for the clear time record :



Very impressive! Took me 12 deaths to beat the game. I love the procedural animation of the spider and the idea of aiming backward to shoot the web. I wish the game would respawn me back to the battle instead of back to the beginning when I fall in the water though. One of the arenas is slightly too big and I wasn't able to see the enemy. But overall a very solid game! 

Thanks for the review! The procedural animations and the web shooting were very cool for us to develop!

And maybe zooming out with the mouse wheel can help you with the big arena


Thank you for your feedback, really glad you played until the end, the water instant kill is a really good point thanks for pointing it out.

Out of curiosity do you remember how long it took you to beat the game?


It took me a little more than 25 mins to beat the game. 


Thanks a lot!


Everything is too professional but for me, it is hard to stop and shoot enemies as they have the same speed as me.


Thanks! We’re glad you liked it! And to help avoid the enemies you can press Space to dash.

Oh, great. Sometimes space is really life-saving :P

(1 edit) (+1)

The game is fun, the graphic is great and the models used is so good. 


Thanks! Glad you liked it!